They always say that there’s the truth.

There is your story. Then there is their story.

And then there is something a little bit in between there.

Why would I say all this?

Well because there’s what you read about the whole 30, And then there is the experience of the whole 30. I would say the truth of what the whole 30 actually is somewhere in between. Also, it’s really difficult to convey what you’re feeling and what you’re going through each 24 hour period in enough sense that you get the message. My intent has been to do it and in 500 words or so. I hope that I have somehow been able to share a thoughtful, realistic, honest perspective on what it’s like to go to the whole 30. There was no attempt to sugarcoat it. There was no attempt to give it additional flamboyance. It was simply what I was going through how it felt and what my approach was to it. I hope that you can take away it’s really how you want to approach it and how you sustain yourself in that approach. If you’re able to approach it with certain curiosity as to how you gonna feel each day and not look at how you felt yesterday and how you gonna feel tomorrow. Then you are able to simply be in the moment and have the experience. It’s when you reflect back and see what it was you accomplish that you can lay out the details or have a deeper understanding and then you are able to refine and deliver the experience.

All that being said today is the 30th day and I would be lying if I wasn’t thinking about tomorrow. Why would I be thinking about tomorrow? The reason is and I am not gonna lie here, d I would honestly love to have a bbq sauce! Some pork with some barbecue sauce, perhaps some potato chips!

To be honest I’m even going to take all my vitamins! One of my vitamins that has rice flour in it that I haven’t had the entire time another 30 days and I don’t know if five noticed it or not.  I’ll be able to really notice the impact in effects of the vitamin now that I haven’t taken over the past 30 days.  Much more dramatically, since all, I know kind of where it’s coming from. I’ll be able to notice the team the reintroduction of all the foods. So while the whole 30 is a 30-day experience it’s not necessarily over after 30 days. Over the next few weeks maybe a month or so I’ll I’ll chime in here there about how the foods have been reintroduced and what feelings I’m having.Then I’ll come back and whether or not I decide to lock one or two foods out just because they are having an adverse effect.


Onward to today’s meals today is food in the intake. Knowing that it was the 30th day I’m not trying to get overly creative I scrambled up a couple of eggs I added the hatch chili salsa I had a couple slices of bacon grab some coffee and took the kids to camp got back home and chill out for little bit he ate the last piece of my piña colada, sans piña, date nut bar. And for lunch will be tilapia with brussels sprouts along with if I can find some cranberries if no cranberries then grapes! How do you like that for if this then that statement?! For dinner, I doubled down on the tilapia, added some raspberry lime sauce and had a bit of butternut squash… done!


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