Whole 30… Day Number 20 f***ing 7

Whole 30… day number 20 f***ing 7… you know that hammer that you swing on the work shift all day, and when the day starts its pretty light?  And hitting nails, watching them being driven into whatever you have decided to drive a nail into, its kind of fun, almost therapeutic… by the end of the day, your hand is throbbing, you have watched yourself drive 1000 plus nails, and by now, your hammer is heavy, and it turns out the day wasn’t therapeutic at all… as a matter of fact, now you feel like you NEED therapy… of some sort… ok, maybe day 27 isn’t at that type of crescendo… and to be honest there really isn’t even a however to it… it is, however, the new normal… and when things are normal, no matter how good they are for you day after day, you are ready for a new normal.  At least I am.

Truth be told, I am actually proud of myself for doing this a second time, I am amazed at just how much easier it was to do this time around.  Nearly no resistance from my body or mind, screaming out that it missed anything at all… for anyone who has ever driven a stick shift vehicle it has been kinda like driving a car @ 55 miles per hour (that’s nearly 90 kilometers per hour for you metric people out there) and shifting from 5th gear to 4th gear… a little more oomph to it, but a little less friendly on the gas tank… overall, not a huge difference…

There have been more moments of focus and clarity, better overall energy (I wrote butter instead of better the first time… guess what I will eat a stick of on January 31st) and generally feeling better.  


Most claim that this would be unsustainable…  and that may be true in terms of ease of access to a lot of the foods… not even that… to be honest, I can’t wrap my head around why this would be considered unsustainable… it is just slightly more difficult than standard eating habits… and that really just means I am probably putting a little less crap into my body… I will be looking towards more keto type meal planning as we move forward as I think that will offer the best overall option for me… with the plan to cut down mostly on wheat & rice – sticking more to veggies that are filling… we will see…


Food today – Customary fried egg, a few slices of bacon, a beet & some butternut squash with the chili paste – breakfast =).


Lunch – Date bar – again frozen – if you make these I promise you there is just a little extra joy if you freeze those things!  Took a moment to recollect what I shoved into my stomach for lunch – guacamole made in-house, and some fried up plantains.

Dinner, while not consumed yet, will be spaghetti squash for me along with some DIY pork Italian sausage along with Newman’s Own sugar-free marinara…


Almost there!  Thanks for hanging out!

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