Whole 30 Day 29 | On the 30th Day We Wept

Holy scnikees day number 29! I know that yesterday am I seemed like a little over it and I definitely was a little over it. However I have accomplished all of the things that I set out to accomplish when attempting this whole 30. This is my second time and it was significantly easier than the first Whole 30.

What are the things I said I to accomplish?

Well first of all it was simply making it through the entire whole 30.

Second while I wasn’t something I had set out to accomplish it was something that occurred anyways and that was a strengthening of my relationship with my wife.

How was that accomplished by doing the Whole 30 you may ask? Well initially she was not going to do the whole 30. And then asked me if it might be easier if she did it with me. I told her yes.  I had the Real simple conversation nothing too deep. Having somebody go along with you and support you and what you’re doing is awesome. Being able to support her and what she was doing in the whole 30 and with her other endeavors her exercise and her other dietary plan was also pretty awesome. Being able to pour into somebody else and what they are doing and being poured into yourself is almost a self perpetuating awesome power wheel of … what… I don’t know, but it’s a great place to find yourself in.  If each of you believes that you can do an amazing job with what you’re already doing and you keep the cycle going, then you both keep making progress.  That is a great feeling.

That was an unexpected side effect, I forgot they term that in economics but essentially just an unexpected side effect and in a positive manner (positive externality).

Now while she did not complete the whole 30,  that’s OK she did 25 more days that she set out to do and that is respectable. And just like anything else we can all do anything we set out to do on our own it’s simply much more enjoyable to get out there and do get up and do things with others. We are connected all together anyways in some way, shape, or form. It’s when we express that connectedness we receive an extra sense, that it is like a flavor booster to life. What are some the other things that were accomplished? It is simply the commitment to doing the whole 30 and being committed to it and knowing that it was already going to be done. It’s very much like any of the peak performance coach is it going to tell you it’s not even a question of whether not you can do. It it’s it’s basically already done. When you commit to something it’s already done. You can’t fail at it because it’s already done. So that really is kind of what commitment is.  When you can do that in 30 days you are able look back at that and view what you just did 30 days of something that many others, it doesn’t really matter about any others, it matters about what you set out to do. What you accomplish. what you committed to and what you already know can’t be done and will be done suppose that. So going through

The whole 30 teaches you these things about yourself and about others and really has a in a Gratian much much more so much more ingrained in your own life then you may have given a creams to before. The question remains in what is it that you were committed to what is it that you know is already done in your mind. What is it that you already believe in yourself enough to get out there and do?  What is it you believe enough in that it is as good as already done?!


So what up what are we eating today? What has been ingested this morning? We had to scrambled eggs with some hatch chili salsa which has a really nice real change from the everyday salsa.  Which is also tasty just a change of the pace.  Included in the above I had a few slices of sugar-free bacon and a few of these dehydrated peaches which keep showing up in Walmart and are absolutely delightful.

Lunch was a filet of tilapia, pan fried and served up with some brussel sprouts & grapes, nuked then set under the broiler for a little toastiness.

Midday snacking consisted of lime & coconut date bars, along with some dehydrated apples.

Dinner tonight came a day early, Taco Tuesday happened on Monday, ground beef, lettuce, avocados, olives and tomatoes… with some more of that awesome hatch chile!


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