Whole 30 | Day 28(00000000)

Hold on to your hats… because there is gonna be a whole lotta hot air… about the whole 30!  Not really… more like lukewarm air about the whole 30 – could be that there is a lot of grey skies quite literally around here today, and that may be having an impact on the tiger blood… like an ultra magnet taking all of the iron out… more like a declawed tiger.

Ok, maybe not so bad, but day 28 lacks anything ultra-special as it relates to the whole 30…

While I did go through one of the more enjoyable parts of the day and week even, the weekly shopping trip.

I love going to the grocery store, even when I am not on the Whole 30.  I love it because I simply enjoy food! There is the element of setting the week up – picking out the foods that you intend to eat for the week.  Picking through the fruit, checking for blemishes, deciding whether or not the avocado you have picked out to make your guacamole is just close enough to be ripe to grab or not… you know how terribad it is when you get that avocado that is not even close, and when its time to make the guac it you may as well try to blend up erasers and try to eat them…

However, today was the day when I walked up and down the lanes and recognized many of the things that are still off of the list… soba noodles… deli ham… cheese sticks… hell, even rice cakes… all giving me a dirty leering eye… or wondering where I have been…

Knowing that we are on the edge of the end of the Whole 30 – when you are going through the freezer aisle and the deep fried twinkies are checking you out… giving you the eye… they know you want them… they also know you can’t have them… twinkies… you… you with your chemically ridden creamy goodness… and now you are readily deep fried… le sigh.

It’s consumer psychology, even if you are Teflon, the years of having commercials driven into your head or the habits, the unconscious chewing of cheetohs, the moose tracks ice cream all swallowed without a moment of thought or concern.  Forcing myself to stay away from all of these foods and recognizing what habits you have or had… perhaps this is more of a day to be called a breakthrough, recognizing all of these things… the foods the mental, psychological hooks… work is to be done!  however, much has been achieved, much ground has been covered, we are now in a better place, and sometimes, it takes doing battle with a frozen deep fried twinkie to get there.

Foods today:

Nuked & fried spuds with some sweet onions,  a few slices of Gwaltney Virginia Cured Bacon (no sugar added!) and an egg fried over easy (I usually do a medium but the yolk broke and time was of the essence).

Lunch was a quick fix – scrambled egg with some hatch chile salsa along with some reheated beets & squash.

Somewhere along the way I made up some more date/nut bars – today was the lime & the coconut – zesting the lime in these bars gives it such a rich flavor!

Dinner was some fried tilapia along with some plantain chips and some raspberry coulis, very bright flavors!  Looks similar to the attached.

Day 29 is waiting for me to wake… TTFN!

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