WHOLE 30 DAY 26 | The Beat Goes On – GM’Oh No!

It is the day after my birthday also known as whole30 day number 26! Woke up this morning feeling pretty excited. Pretty invigorated, knowing that there would be no pancakes and knowing that there will be no syrup. And being excited about that,  knowing that today I wouldn’t be eating something like a corn or rice or wheat,  which has been genetically modified or sustained or developed in order to make money, more so than it is to actually feed people and nourish them. While that may not be the original concept, maybe the original concept was in truth to be able to sustain a growing population with limited resources. However, we have no idea what the long more far-reaching impact our actions, our meddling with the “grand design”.  Of something that appears good today just like the sufi story of-of the old man and the horses running away and his son break in the leg.  There’s no way to know that just because something seems or appears good today it is truly good for us, for mankind that is in the long run, or for the duration.


I want to share with you does this image that has haunted me for quite a few years. I was taking a speech course at my local college a couple years back and the young lady gave a presentation on genetically modified foods.


While she spoke a lot about her… you know it, to be honest, I don’t remember the whole speech I just know with speech was about. What I do recall is the image that she shared. There were two pieces of corn… feed corn on the cob dried out… they were sitting there and only one of them had been eaten by the squirrels and the animals.  Which of course leaves us with the one that had not been touched.

Well, I don’t know what this means to you but ever since then, gives me a big burning question. Should I eat something that’s been genetically modified? Does it make sense? What does that animal know?  What does that creature know innately that I don’t? Have I lost touch with something that I once knew? Have I lost touch with something that I should inherently know? What… what have I lost touch with?


So when I wake up this morn and and I I think for second that I miss our genetically modified week I miss genetically modified rice I miss corn anything genetically modified, I miss refined this I miss refined that,  I think of that corn on the cob, and  it’s pretty easy to make the decision. When I reflect thusly at any rate.


While I can’t be certain that any of the food that I ate this morning was non-GMO or any of that I do know that there’s less likelihood of it being genetically modified as a whole as the wheat or the corn or are these “staple” crops.


None of this is really doom gloom, I’m just offering an opportunity to take a different perspective on how to approach food,  and what my approach is,  and how I get over the idea that I’m missing something.


We’ll start with breakfast : For breakfast this morning we went ahead and had leftover squash with parsnips from dinner last night couple slices of bacon sugar free of course and fried egg with some chili sauce on top of it and it’s that simple that was my breakfast and those were my thoughts as the morning began.


You know what’s awesome leftovers, leftovers are awesome!  Today I was able to make crab cakes that I had already made for myself for my birthday dinner so it’s like I had a birthday dinner twice! Except for let’s be honest I had one lunch and one dinner supposed to say I had crab cakes twice within the past 24 hours. I’m a lucky kind of guy!  this is literally like me just popping my head in a window to shout about what just happened cuz that’s just what I had for lunch just now.   


In addition to my amazing crab cakes, I was able to whip together yet another batch of date bars today’s date bars are like pina colada with the almond peanut butter topping almond butter topping.  if you check out the recipe that I shared to begin with on these date bars with the cashew butter or almond butter topping and if you actually made them yourselves you may have found Date bar portion to be a little thin.  I did, I found the date portion to be a little thin so I made these much thicker,  and what I found was that they were just seriously just like candy bars really really hit in The Sweet Spot sweet to Sweet area sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet…


As we come down the line here not really sure what’s for dinner but I do know that after today it’s only a few days left and again I think there’s going to be some parts of it that I missed quite a bit.  Just the whole process in of itself, the challenge that it is, the food that you have to make or get to make at all those things.  Maybe there are a couple things that I am excited for sure and that’s to make some homemade bread I really miss homemade bread… and maybe a piece of cheese here and there but just like last year I expected this will have a lingering effect on my intake dietary intake throughout the year…

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