Day 25 of the new year and the whole 30… I wonder how people are able to blog day in and day out… not gonna lie… while the writing in of itself has been a bit of fun… perhaps the topic, as well as the process, has lost a bit of its novel appeal.  Not to worry!  These aren’t the things we fret upon on the passing of another day, or another birthday, or a whole new year!!!

I have to admit that Liam waking me up this morning and telling me to hurry up so that the family could give me my gifts was certainly a pleasure to wake up to.  Everyone wrote me notes about what they liked about me, and how can that not feel good?  Along with a new mug with recent pictures, always a crowd pleaser =) … being a father is a blast, being a husband is great as well… can it be tricky at times?  Sure, but that’s all part of the fun, how do we navigate best on a crowded dance floor?

We dance.

Ok, Whole 30… I think we have exhausted the following:

Self-mastery aspects

Develop new relationships with food – perhaps rekindle old relationships with foods works here too…

Team building – relationship building works here as well, as Meg decided at last minute to join for support, and we are able to cheer each other on through it.

Setting an example for the children is one that I don’t think has been overly explored.  There is that – it is fun for them to be sad for us when we are not eating things like cupcakes or ice cream.  Or when they are excited that there are only a few more days left before we can eat ice cream as a family.  Entertainment with the children as well. They asked what we were going to have for dinner.  When the response was crab cakes.  They immediately said, “You and mom have crabcakes, Finn & I will have a real cake.”  LOL

Not wanting to let them down, or deprive them of a little cake on my birthday, I told them I would grab some cupcakes at some point while out and about.  However, I was somehow distracted while at the grocery store and forgot to pick em up.  Luckily, I have access to the internet… and was able to find a recipe… crisis averted… Meg was able to supply the icing on the cake =) This leads me to the, what did you find to eat today? section.

Breakfast – we stuck with the sweet potato, fried egg & bacon whole 30 combo.

Morning snack, tahini & date bar bites.

Lunch… Larabars!  I had quite a bit to tend too and making lunch didn’t make it to the top of the list of things that needed to get done.

Dinner – butternut squash & parsnip layered up like ratatouille, topped with a little ghee, salt and pepper.  Served up with some pretty decent paleo crab cakes which called for egg whites and almond flour.  Great, except for to make it a little easier to bind it up, I went ahead and whipped the egg whites into more of a meringue, which worked out lovely… as for the cupcakes I made for the boys… I watched them eat them…

Until tomorrow!


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