WHOLE 30 DAY 24 | Light at the End of the Tunnel

Woo hoo we have made it to day number 24.


I know I keep going on and on about all that this is much more than just a food reboot. This is a self-mastery challenge in all honesty. It forces me to take a strong look at my relationship with food… my relationship with all of my habits…  my eating habits as well as my relationship with the grocery store. And what can I possibly mean by that?  For it really gives you the opportunity to really explore the labels and truly take a deep dive into what exactly it is you are putting into your body. What’s fun is finding new foods that you could actually enjoy that indeed have no sugar… that indeed have no gluten… fulfill all of the needs that you have as it relates to nutrition. It also allows you to really kind of cleanse the palate, which is really out of tune into how some things taste without… we’ll say butter… we’ll say without sugar or sweeteners.  Without some type of sauce or gravy that has either sugar or some other type of artificial fillers in it or even flour which I’m not really against,  but it gives me the opportunity to take a look at that and say it’s clouding the taste…we get a pure appear taste of something, perhaps a cleaner we’ll say… sensation out of it.


Like I said some of part of this is self-mastery and even completing just 30 days of…  of something this it could appear to many as being a very small feat.  It goes and it shows you what you can do, what you can accomplish within just a short period of time and how those habits can change the trajectory of your life.


Not to dwell too deeply on that but what I want to hit on the how far we could go with this.


Let’s go ahead and cover food for the 24th day.  We went ahead and deviated from our usual breakfast!  I had leftover steak with leftover squash and leftover roasted red peppers as my breakfast (sounds very leftoverish eh?). And for lunch… I think I kind of skipped lunch… I’m not gonna lie completely accidental, but I did snack on a couple of the date and tahini bars. Still amazing and especially if you put in the freezer y’all! You put em in the freezer and eat em and they are just like candy bars. Finally, for dinner, Meg made the special sloppy joe’s on top of baked potatoes and on top of that… the secret ….there is just a couple… a couple of bacon crumbles.  That adds that very thing… that extra that you’re looking for in that dish.


Everyone go ahead and stay tuned for a very very special January 25 the 25th day of our whole 30.  But not only that it’s gonna be my birthday so hold onto your hats it’s going to be an ultra, ultra, such a strong word, ultra, just saying it’s going to be on my birthday for the whole 30!

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