WHOLE 30 Day 23

What is going on today we did the whole 30 day number 23. It’s hard to stay excited about something after 23 days however, I’m so excited I still have a ton of energy.  I still have so much that I’m looking forward to it enjoy this. Granted I’m on a bit of a delay I accidentally went to sleep last night instead of typing this up only to wake up and realize that I had missed my whole 30 updates from day 23!

That doesn’t mean I forgot about it just means I went to sleep.  I got a lot done that day I had enough energy to put together and host my first  webinar for a Fatherhood for the Rest of Us. A big thank you for those of you that made it I’m grateful for your attendance, I hope that you really enjoyed the Fatherhood for the Rest of Us presents Patience.

Many would say (and would be correct in saying) that the magic kind of wears off in terms of the process of the Whole 30.


What the whole 30 recommends is that you go and you seek out new recipes to try and keep it exciting because it’s really easy to fall into making the same thing every day, and getting into a doldrums kinda trap. While I agree it’s easy to fall into the doldrums part it’s also difficult to go and make a brand new thing a day after day.  As you have seen from me in the past is that I actually enjoyed making the same thing every day.That was done as kind of a personal science experiment to see if I could actually take in that type of repetition.  If I could not make that extra daily decision.  If I could take away that daily need to make a decision on what to eat for breakfast or lunch. How much more energy would I have or, how much more how much easier it would be to think of all the other decisions I need to make that day!

Sad looking peas on fork.

All that being said I still ended up making the standard breakfast of eggs potatoes and bacon. I ended up with making my staple fried plan teens and guacamole for lunch. And I was lucky enough to find a couple of steaks in the freezer which was gifted to me for Christmas from Omaha steaks to thaw them out and have those for dinner along with some squash taste up with some red pepper and actually toss in some fennel seed simply because I felt like the need for it!

However, the one thing that I ran out of and was becoming reliant on what is the date nut bars that I’ve been making quite a few of.  The most recent ones had a topping with tahini and almond butter. Even though I’d run out of those staples I’d still been able to munch on some dried apricots and apples and such.

While there may be some type of mild meal making doldrums occurring here. The truth of the matter is I’m still very excited and enjoying the energy levels of experiencing on the whole 30, and while I would love to extend it.  However, if you didn’t already know,  I will be down in New Orleans in February for the Dad 2.108 event.  I’m gonna have to try some of the awesome food down there,  I’ve never had it before and while the Whole 30 has been a blast it’ll basically be like me turning around and waving to the QWhole 30 and saying,  “so long it’s been fun but now time to move on!”

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