Haha, why not!?!  Today was the epitome of what tiger blood should feel like… I woke up … no… I burst out of the room… filled with energy right off of the bat… I would say it wasn’t even tiger blood that I was feeling, rather… atomic energy… whatever it is that fuels the sun… that is what was fueling me today… which of course makes me wonder… what indeed does fuel the sun? Simply hydrogen gas… let me google that for you:


Nuclear fusion is what happens in the Sun – it’s the combining of light elements into heavier elements to produce energy. The Sun produces a large amount of energy by combining very light elements such as hydrogen to heavier elements such as helium and then lithium, oxygen, carbon, right up to iron.

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Sounds like what is happening in my body… that kind of energy… not only is it that kind of energy… but its NOT like in a movie where you accidentally drink some atomic beverage and you only have a little while to live because the atomic you drank is unstable and if you lean too far to the left you are going to blow up… that would not be cool… that would be the kind of energy you wished on an enemy… if you had any… because today you are feeling the way Chuck Norris must feel… unstoppable…

Outside of the amazing, gift from the gods way that I felt without having to take any additional substances, like drugs or alcohol, it was simply a great day to be alive, and I relished in it. The boys were off to their favorite camp at the farm, where they help take care of the animals by feeding them and being companions for them. They are able to take walks in the woods, get muddy and simply enjoy the outdoors. All of that goodness and they include meditation. Not sure what else you can ask for! Meg was at her gym today crushing it herself pushing up 150 lbs, pretty sweet how far she has come and the group of people she has surrounded herself with is very supportive, great seeing the growth that is happening there as well. As for this guy, I got my swim in for the day as well as a little Brazilian Ju Jitsu, ate some awesome food and felt like this all day… not to shabby!

Food wise – breakfast – scrambled up one egg, 1/3 of a large sweet potato baked (nuked) then pan fried, topped with a little chili paste and good morning!
Lunch – Hello tilapia, that was my last filet (sad face), with some baby spinach, the rest of the sweet potato, cranberries and a hit of garam marsala paste for a hit of spice.

Meg made us some dinner, chicken nuggets using flax meal as a type of breading, they turned out great! Some chunky potatoes along with it, pan fried to perfection, yet another thing she has been making progress in… cooking that is, so great when both of us are able to whip up some good home cooking!
Finally, snackwise… I pretty much snacked mostly on the tahini and date bars, topped with a little toasted coconut… they did the trick. I will be making more of those!
Onward to day 23!

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