To say that I woke up feeling pretty great today may actually be a bit of an understatement… want to know why the title is in caps?  First of all, simply have what seems to be the best type of energy… simple… clean… without super highs and without random lows… let’s just call it what it is… without crashes… without feeling sluggish.  That and… I fixed the ice machine in the house last night… this was no plug and play thing… this was pull all the guts and wires apart without a manual and put it all back together kinda thing… and there was this f*($ing screw that was being a… less than desireable impediment… however, with Meg’s help, I got the thing back together… and managed to put all of the screws where they belong… and to Finn’s great joy, there was ice again… money saved, sense of achievement gained and finally the joy of a young boy… that and Meg & I actually squeezed in a date night last night… you know what… I said to myself, what else could we do to keep the string of awesome going?

At any rate – that was how I felt when I woke up.

This feeling continued throughout the day and I am looking forward to the next few days.

For food, we kept it up with the eggs (scrambled for Meg & fried for me) , a couple of nuked tots, pan fried and served up with some sugar free bacon.

Lunch – baby spinach, sweet tots & cranberries with a bit of coconut oil – nuked in my favorite ceramic dish, served up with some tilapia.  Curious how long we can keep the fish going, I am enjoying having that as part of the nearly every day routine.

Snacks today have been mostly dried fruit, dried apricots, dried figs… and a few bits of fresh fruit…


I am currently waiting for some baked chicken to rest before cutting it up for my Whole 30 chicken pad thai, butternut squash noodles etc… I am going to go serve that up now as a matter of fact… hold tight…. pictures incoming!

Wow, that was perfect – just what this day needed!  A little more effort than I would typically put out for dinner.  Had to make the butternut squash noodles, quite a few cuts for the carrots and some time baking… mixing up the almond butter was messy… regardless… still awesome!

Only a small deviation from the recipe… it called for honey which is NOT Whole 30 compliant… luckily another recipe used dates as a sweetener… and luckily I had dates.  The butternut squash noodles were pretty tasty as well.  They toasted up in a few spots which brought out some additional nuttiness.  As I sit here thinking about the meal, the other nice piece was the red cabbage, uncooked which gave a nice bright crunch to this pad thai.

All in all, this is something I would make again, on or off of a Whole 30.

Finally, the kitchen was a freakin mess, however, before trying to get the thing cleaned all up… there was something missing… a mild desert of sorts…  I have been dying to make the date & tahini bar with some toasted coconut… finally made it and that will end this day of the Whole 30… I  can’t think of much that would put more awesome into today!


PS recipe:



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