WHOLE 30 Day 20

Day 20 – I woke up feeling fairly invigorated considering my lack of sleep.  I was up a good deal later than usual messing around with the website and felt pretty excited about where I left it, a little bit of a rush I should say, simply in the fact that progress has been made…  I was also feeling excited as I was going to be interviewed on another podcast in the morning and that always invigorates me!

Ok, food for thought… really just food for the day – stuck with standard fare for breakfast, eggs, and potatoes – a few slices of bacon and onward!  I did, in fact, have some homemade chipotle mayo for dipping the potatoes in.  Why not eh?

The interview was great – I had scheduled it today as the boys were to be in school for a makeup session… snow days… the snow was still around today though… Meg took them with her while she did some yoga, and the boys jumped into a CrossFit session.  So glad that there are these activities for the boys to do even when there is snow on the ground…

I had also decided that I needed to get a date night in for Meg & I, so I made a quick call to our babysitter to check for availability… available… secured… time to clean up the kitchen and living room… need to make it look like the house is inhabited by civilized humans!

For lunch, some more of the homemade Italian sausage on spaghetti squash and sugar-free marina… didn’t look super pretty but very delicious!

Meanwhile, Meg and the boys returned and I sprung the news of the impromptu date night on her.  A little excitement in the day =).  Fed the boys some PB & J on chemical-free homemade bread…. hung out with them for a bit and enjoyed the afternoon sun as it streamed through our windows from the southern sky…. it was nap time…  this was met with some resistance from Liam – I conquered him with Wayne Dyer… just as he dozed off… and I had just woken up… Finn clicked on the TV… to which I said nay… he needed a nap as well.. he too was resistant, and resistant with an attitude…  he too was conquered by Wayne Dyer… I love that the boys go to sleep listening to Wayne Dyer & Alan Watts.

Everyone wakes up, I get a shower in, oven on for some pizza for the boys… Meg grabs some mixed nuts for a Whole 30 snack in the theatre and I grab a couple of clementines and a bottle of hot pomegranate green tea.  We are off to see Commuter… think Speed + Taken… not to bad, not amazing.

We were in one of those eat in theatres… they serve food there… we both got some sandwiches sans buns, cheese and fun… although they did hook us up with a side of fresh fruit which I know I enjoyed!

Not quite ready to call the date night done we went to grab a steak at Lonestar – it seemed a little to crowded for our liking, so I offered to just pick up some steak from the store and cook it up at home… and we did just that!

10 days left!

To be honest I am enjoying the challenge quite a bit and may actually miss it when it is over!

What are some challenges you have been faced with recently and what new perspectives have you gained?

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