Whole 30 Day 19

What is up Community it is indeed day 19!   So how are we feeling today?   today we have certainly an abundance of energy,  and I believe that I was also just simply very well rested.   we’re going to do this in bits and pieces today.   with this section being the morning piece.   outside of the energy,  breakfast was fairly simple,  a couple of scrambled eggs along with some fried potatoes which had a secret seasoning a ranch dusting.   In addition, we also had a little bit of salsa which to me is a game changer,  having that extra bit of flavoring really takes it to the next level and makes you feel like you’re eating food with the rest of the world as opposed to not.

I did take a moment to grab a snack and you may or may not have guessed it but it was a Larabar!  this was not a homemade one, however, I do have some dates now and will be able to make my own again.   this will allow me to dispose of the rather not so great fig nut bars that I made earlier in the week.   we live and we learn!


Check it out guys here’s what happens when you get the chunk it out!  I was able to do about 200 words in one session I don’t know maybe I’ll get done just going to get it done I think he needs to be said and be done with it!


okay so 4 Let’s see we have plenty of energy and ran out to get a swim in and let me tell you getting that swim in just fired me up really glad that I got that in!   got my butt home and I checked out what had leftover I had some sweet potatoes with apples onions and spices left over I went ahead and added some raisins to that reheated it and I went ahead and added tilapia to it I know you have seen me do it just about every day but I really have enjoyed having that little tilapia fillet for lunch!


While it seems to be plenty of extra my head was thinking pretzels or something crunchy and salty I thought for a moment to grab some carrots and salt maybe get that in there but you know what I’m going to go ahead and finish up a little bit!


That’s going to go ahead and my lunch session and hey look I’ll get back in here for the evening session and just so you know have it all done and posted for you today Whole 30 day 19… whooo feeling great!


Hey hey, we ended the day with some spaghetti… squash… spaghetti squash that is – with some marinara and homemade italian sausage…  simple, quick, easy…


Here is the link to the sausage recipe(it called for beef, I used pork, best to let it sit about a day in the fridge for all of the seasonings to truly sink in!)






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