All right Whole30 date 18 how is the tiger blood and it’s it’s great it’s great how can you not want to have toggle blood coursing through your body?  Well listen not literally, because that would be illegal, however it feels good… feels good. One of the things that they say that you’re supposed to feel is some extra sense of clarity some body composition supposed to, who knows?  We definitely feel different I can certainly sense the additional clarity the keener bits of senses probably just my body saying,  “Thanks for treating me well especially after the past eight or nine months of straight up abuse.”


Today was going to go ahead with the fact that I’m going to do it like in bits and pieces instead of trying to do my commitment to 500 Words a day or more all-in-one.  Chunk it,  break it out throughout the day. So I got a little bit of snow still on the ground so we are still snow tigers.  Also we ran out of potatoes and the house which was nearly detrimental to The Whole30 going into completion for Meg!  Luckily we were able to head out to the stores the roads were clear enough where I ran out to the store grab some potatoes and a few other sundry items for Meg and  I.  I  got some turkey Franks for the boys and dates and some nuts.


We are certainly keeping it rolling now we are down 18 days only got 12 days left this is certainly the downhill slope hopefully it’s not the downward spiral.  Today for breakfast is reheated up some sweet potatoes with apples and onions that we had for dinner last night tossed with the spices you have seen that a couple times on the blog maybe haven’t. The other spices are simply just a little bit of chili powder cumin and maybe a little extra paprika and some cayenne.   All set up with some egg just tossed it up with some plain egg and breakfast.   For lunch, we did it up with some brussel sprouts and some grapes. Today I took a little bit the homemade smoked pork loin and through some of that in there with to add some elments of smoky flavor.  


In addition to that, we also grab some Larabars from the grocery store to replace and replenish some that my boys ate up at our neighbor’s house and not going to lie here I had about think 3,  3 Larabars as I chuckle to myself…


The plan for this evening will be slightly more exotic I’ve already set up our Italian sausage sweet Italian sausage for some spaghetti squash or zoodles this evening along with some store-bought the sugar-free marinara sauce and we’re looking to have that for dinner.


Just keeping with it though the deal is I’m certainly feeling better I feel great to sleep it’s been fine, I’ve got a ton of energy. It can get a little frustrating or confusing as to when you’re deciding what to eat when to eat, especially when you’re so used to all the grab-bag snacks that you’ve had before.   Again what is cool is learning about all the other types of snacks and options that are available such as the Larabars making the date bars making the homemade sausage and that sort of thing.


It is most certainly all about the journey and the process versus the destination all in all. For what it’s worth I am I think I’m down 3 or 4 lb and Meg is down 11 pounds she’s combining her macro counting with The Whole30 and it is just tearing tearing off it’s amazing what’s happening with her and what she’s doing really proud of her and excited for when you’re what we’re doing!


As always if you have a whole 30 story I would love to hear about it or even if you got a cleanse ritual I’d love to hear about that. Just it’s always interesting to see what people are doing to keep themselves motivated clean and healthy

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