Rawr!  Well, that is what a tiger sounds like right?  Pretend like you know me, and maybe you do, this is exactly the sound I would make, as a tiger… don’t be scairt…

So we woke up to day 17 with full knowledge that the cubs (tiger kids, our tiger kids) would be home today… because there may be snow… may… come on man… I get it, no infrastructure etc, but let a snowflake fall!  Although, I hear all kinds of horror stories of people being stuck for hours after just a small snowfall… and the story of how one time it took the bus’s four hours or so to get children home… and I have to remind myself that it’s for their safety and whatnot… at any rate, the boys were home, and no one got out to the gym today… not cool if you have tiger blood…

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All I am saying is that I have a lot of energy and need to get some out, the 10-minute ab thing could have been done earlier in the day… and to be quite honest… I could have done it 2x or 3x and that could have done it… tell you what, when it comes to having patience with your children, tiger blood may gum up the works… if only momentarily!  Tomorrow I will have to do some type of Rocky work out… let’s find a picture that illustrates that…

Image result for rocky work out snow

Where the f*ck am I gonna find a sled around here… someone who reads this remind me to do this tomorrow… I think the kids combined will weigh as much as Micky…

Now that we have had our fun… we talked a little bit about tiger blood and how you have more energy, you have stronger workouts, you get mallet finger, etc…

Here is what else they say about it:

For others, this Tiger Blood stage feels more like a real sense of self-efficacy. It doesn’t mean things are perfect (or even easy), but you’re proving to yourself that you can do this, things are getting better, and you’re seeing improvements (small or large) almost daily. Your energy is steadier, you’ve got a firmer handle on the cravings, and you’re experimenting with new, delicious foods.  You may notice that your ability to focus is keener, your body composition is changing, your moods are more stable, you’re stepping up your exercise, or you’re just plain happier these days.

A lot of this is true… definitely the sense of self-efficacy… so cool to take this challenge on… it is a challenge… every time I reach for a grape, I see cheese sticks… every time I go to reach for dehydrated apricots there is a bag of pretzels or cheddar popcorn… and don’t think I don’t see you out of the corner of my eyes honey roasted almonds… don’t… just don’t.

Energy steady? Check

New delicious foods? Check

Ability to focus keener? Check! (this is a big win)

Body composition… stable moods… hrmm.. perhaps

Stepping up exercise? Check!

Plain happier?  Sure why not =)

Ok, I am caught up – day 17 has come and is nearly gone…

Have you experienced a Whole 30?

Share your tale!


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