I had a little chuckle to myself as I wondered what I was going to put as my headline after I had tiger blood…

Local Man Runs Miracle Mile – according to CoSchedule and their headline analyzer, this will not do… the short version is that the sentence structure is lacking, the character count is good, however, the word count is not… interesting…

Let’s mess around with a couple others to see if we can do better…

Amazing Diet Inspires Spirited Man To Win Local Race –

this one ranked a little higher, but they still didn’t like my sentence structure, however, not all is lost:

Your headline shows positive sentiment. Headlines that convey positive emotion tend to perform the best.

Ok, one more and then we can move along…

Here Is The Method That Gave Me Stunning Abs

I actually did several variations, but this was the winner.

Why am I writing about abs in the headline?  One reason is that this Whole 30 reboot gives you a lot additional ammo to move from an already slender/slim frame and with a little bit of extra core work, it gives you the potential to get some decent looking abs.

That’s the plan anyway, and I suppose if after tiger blood, I put some extra work in, I will have some interesting 30-day results!

Great to be home!  Great to be in full control of the food again!  Wandering through the Denver Airport looking for Whole 30 compliant food was a bit of a pain.  I ended up eating two eggs & some spuds from Wolfgang Pucks for an ungodly sum of money… considering what was on the plate… but it was food and it was compliant so in it went… I had some backups in the bag, which interestingly enough they had me pull out of the bag to go through the scanner… a bag of dried figs, a couple Larabars & a bag of pistachios.  I have become a bit of a pistachio junkie…

Once I got home it was eggs again though, not a whole lot of time to put stuff together, Meg had an appointment to keep, the boys wanted to play and eat as well, not worth the effort to make something ultra complex, this time though I had some sugar free bacon from Harris Teeter along with a perfect avocado.

Overall, I am still fairly high spirited and enjoying this journey.  Meg seems to be in similar shape, she just fell asleep, she has been running the house solo and Finn was sick while I was away, so that is always a little extra taxing to have a child who is sick, on top of doing it solo, I would be asleep too!  Actually, I should be asleep as well!

Until tomorrow!

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