The word on the street is that today is one of the worst days of the Whole 30, that is, the 10th day.

Why?  Because the newness has worn off, the novelty has worn off, the whole idea of this is going to change your life and your overall relationship with food etc … meh… how bout a french fry?  How bout some creamy dip of whatever the f*ck I want, how bout that for a relationship… that’s what they say.

To be honest, I am excited by the challenge it presents, it gives you an opportunity to see just how much you find yourself relying on a quick fill up of say something like pretzels, or how a quick fix of a small bag of Doritos… and you find yourself wondering, is that really all I ever ate?

It gives you the opportunity to try out new foods, new ideas, expand the palette, see what is possible… what if you never knew the color chartreuse?  What if you don’t?  It gives you the opportunity to explore different and new possibilities, in my eyes, its like shining your light on the rest of the world or at least shining one pretty awesome star, or even better yet, finding a star and being able to name it after yourself… you truly get to explore a vast expanse that you have never noticed before…


What is this you say?  This is:

No-Bake Coconut Tahini Cashew Bars

Link here: https://www.mindbodygreen.com/articles/blood-sugar-balancing-tahini-dessert

This is a dessert that I would have never sought out had I not been on the Whole 30 – and while I haven’t made it yet, it has to be amazing… just look at the picture!  It is another variation of a date & nut bar, which if you have been following you may have noticed I have done a few – it is one type of dessert, sweet treat you can make for yourself that I personally enjoy.  And to be honest, I have tried a number of other power bars out there protein bars, or healthy organic, etc bars out there, and I find these date nut bars to have a really nice balance of sweetness to them, they are not to dry, like some of the sawdust protein bars you can find, and typically they have a max of five ingredients or so in them.  For example, you could have a date bar made with dates, almonds, un-sweetened coconut shavings & lime zest.  Done, pina colada date bar.  No crap in it to make you feel bad about what you have just done and the bonus is that you kick a little sweetener craving to the curb.

However, these things are not generally discovered unless you are *forced* to seek them out, sometimes you need to impose these types of self-inflicted challenges so that you can indeed expand your horizons and see what is possible, play the what if game.

What if the world wasn’t run by sugar, palm oil, wheat and corn syrup, what then?  It is a fun exercise in of itself, with the added benefits of eventual tiger blood, and hey if it works for Exxon it works for me… running with the tiger.

Image result for running with the tiger exxon

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