Whole 30 Day 1 | 15 Days till Tiger Blood

This time last year I was praising the dusk, welcoming the darkness… I was hung over and was working my way through my first Whole 30…  what I really wanted was a baked potato with cheese… maybe even some Cool Ranch Doritos and maybe a beer?  What I got was some pork tenderloin and some other nonsense I don’t recall because I didn’t write that shit down… I also recall making 3-4 different dips like roasted carrot hummus & baba ganoush and… some whole 30 compliant mayo… the kitchen looked like hell… and my head was screaming for vengeance.  Like Judas Priest… just like Judas Priest… at any rate – we made it through…

Don't stop thinking about tomorrow
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Meg, the boys & myself, we all managed to make it through… each one of us with different experiences.  The whole 30 requires that you give yourself a reboot.  No sweeteners (not even honey… although I wonder if cooked down beet juice… probably not allowed either and not worth the effort), no grains, no beans, no dairy… no no no!

It forces you to re-examine ALL of your foods, for example in search for simple beef stock, I found sugar & caramelized coloring among other things, personally I was just pissed that there was sugar in my beef broth… one of the possible side effects of the Whole 30 is random rage… you probably won’t find it listed that way on their website. What was the other thing… ah yes… sugar in stewed tomatoes, I don’t recall being able to find any stewed tomatoes without sugar last year.  I haven’t really bothered to look this year.

Other you can’t eat these items includes carrageenan – its a thickening agent if I recall from 5th-grade science and it is in a lot of ice cream (also a 5th grad recollection)… where else do we find this?  Everywhere we don’t want it… coconut milk, almond milk probably cashew milk and what not as well… that’s not to say that you can’t find all of the above without it, its just an extra detail.  Why no carrageenan?  Brief inspection says its inflammatory to the gut… fine…

There were a couple of items that we have changed about this year… first and foremost – no hangover… I have not had a drink since May of 2017… this puts me a bit ahead of the game…  those dips?  No thank you, we didn’t even bother last year, gave most of them away, to be honest.  We have both decided to have the same meals every day for breakfast.  Meg is eating eggs, potatoes with hot sauce, and sometimes some bacon.  I will be eating a mashed banana, sweet potato, egg & raisin pancakes.  For lunch, she will be eating grilled chicken on salad with Tessame ranch dressing.  I am eating plantains & guacamole for most of the week then switching over to Brussel sprouts, grapes & tilapia.

The Whole 30 has the potential for a few things… first Tiger Blood (pretty sure that is the only thing I am after here)… and the potential for awesome mood swings as your body makes the adjustments.  Even though they are expected, when they show up it is rather difficult to mind your Ps & Qs!

At any rate, day one is in the books – snacks today included those green nuts… pistachios & some sort of Kind brand dried fruit nubs… stick around and see what happens next!

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