Success Snacks and Polar Thinking

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Well thank you Father deed for the risk to be explained in English because you’re already great if you could you know

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one of the other need to.

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Pay their father have for the rest of this brand handling here voice of a generation the creative founder of all things

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and bad all things bad if you are on a pole there cannot be one without the other if you listen to Alan Watts then you’re.

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Probably heard that before right so I’m on the fan of Alan Watts.

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Been listening to a lot of his old some of ours recently lately and it’s.

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I guess that’s a polar way of thinking right you cannot have one without the other and that’s why.

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I said that good morning. It is Sunday morning.

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And I am on the way to get some groceries I know that might not be exciting for you I love I’m excited I love to cook I

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love food I love messing with it love just kind of all there is about it one of the recipes that I’ll be doing setting

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up this week is Momofuku. Pulled pork which is going to be. Just a six hour. Drive brined.

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Pull poor man I’m looking forward to that

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and you know they look a poet you guys is you know Meghan I’ve been talking a lot about.

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Not feeding our kids as much packaged food as we do and. It’s all a matter of convenience.

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All a matter of convenience I know that it’s hasn’t been entirely like junk food

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but each time I serve my kids like a package of crackers with.

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With with something or other one just I just I just a little piece of me dies so. It’s me right it’s not.

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And that here I am. Being a witch purchased or to go to because I love the law.

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Or a little piece of me I just feel bad I feel guilt there’s fear that I feed my kids that I personally will not ingest

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unless it’s like a dire emergency.

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So to that end this week’s going to be filled with a lot of lot of love love first time stuff a lot of first time

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trying to do. I’ll be making some homemade powers on crackers. So some recipes for that I will be doing some new baby.

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Peanut butter oatmeal cookie type things for for their lunches or snacks and sweet tooth and this.

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A couple of the ones but that’s you know that’s that’s what I that’s one of the And today

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but I’m excited about it like I said I’m excited to be just kind of get out there.

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Feed the kids that stuff and you know like I said I’ll go grocery shopping

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and we’ve been using this app called Cozy that helps us put the grocery list together. I’m not one to complain.

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Per se but the I love the so you can go and uses cozy app right and it you just adjure grocery list together

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but it doesn’t consolidated and it doesn’t put it into a doesn’t put it into like categories.

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Export the list from cozy and and put it categories.

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And so that’s how I spent my morning but I guess I’m enjoying it and I don’t I don’t.

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I enjoy that like today feels surreal for some reason.

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I kind of like a dream state and that’s also just something that I’m enjoying it.

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If I could maybe feel surreal for me because I am in North Carolina and I’m so used to this time of the year being.

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Cold and icy and Bridgette in and as I sat on the front porch this morning Dylan doing my meditation.

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With headspace I’m working through the anger pack. The day that they felt. Just has has kind of that.

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Has kind of fuzzy and soft feel about the entire day as your feet you know what I’m talking about but it feels fuzzy

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and soft today in a good in a good way. Take that for what it’s worth so.

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Again I’m just enjoying life enjoying being a dad enjoying being a father one of the things that I do if you’re not

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already familiar with it I do a little bit of reading through some timeless classics

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and right now I’m going through at T. This is.

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Discourse books my book too and the one that I was read chapter Chapter two I forget the chapter name today

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but it starts off with.

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What you preserve and and what succeeds right and a lot of us you know everybody wants to have success.

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But what does that mean. What does it mean so. And it struck me today because just you know if you read.

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A book that’s And a story that’s two thousand years old what did they mean by success what they mean by succeed

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and then and then the then the other part that came comes along with that and this is also just

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and in lines of polar thinking. And as a father. What. Success is. Is you know anything that you do. That.

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That you meant to do really so. Or anything that kind of comes afterwards really so like you would say. That the King.

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Was succeeded by his heir. So. And then And then so that’s what comes afterwards what succeeds.

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This day would be tomorrow.

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For example or you know what success looks like today for me would be to complete all this grocery shop

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and get the things that I want and then also make some of the food that I intend to do. And then I.

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Do what do you preserve the right so.

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That and so that it just it just sets my mind in and to just kind of a different state right

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and what they mean by success and succeed.

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At it said I think US sixty to come to an afterword where I think some of the things I looked at but I but I.

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But I challenge you I just was just like challenge myself to take a differ. Span on success and. I think that.

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A lot of times success and ambition are tied together success in of itself the simply means you know what comes next.

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And and and achieving something that is intended to be achieved right tensional in chief when something like that.

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You know so for me again I’m just using myself as an example you know the story of my success today is going to look

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like you know making some healthy food for my boys to put in their lunch snacks as you know for lunches this week.

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And feeding them healthier.

00:08:46,51 –> 00:08:56,03
Preservative free snacks that to me is going to be successful fatherhood you know fatherhood Yes successful fatherhood.

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What you know what’s going to come out to today

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and for me in terms of what succeeds today will be you know less guilt

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when I hand them over a snack that I know is just. Riddled with.

00:09:15,61 –> 00:09:25,77
Stuff that the body can’t and shouldn’t have ingested and it it may meet all the criteria

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and I’m just on this on this you know what is in my children’s food preserve it is it may meet this criteria of less.

00:09:36,04 –> 00:09:44,09
Less crappy than something else like full on junk I have made you know look if I if I hold up a package of crackers to

00:09:44,10 –> 00:09:56,13
a Twinkie Yes sure it’s healthy her for her a comparative analysis of of crap is crap. And so I’m.

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Succeeding this day with a better day tomorrow.

00:10:00,34 –> 00:10:09,42
Even today right bye bye bye standards of I want my thing you know if we all sit there and say. My.

00:10:11,08 –> 00:10:17,60
My term of success is being you know ending the day better than I started or being a better person.

00:10:18,75 –> 00:10:29,62
Than I was yesterday then again today will be successful but by that by that. But not analysis by that comparison.

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And I love I love I love the thought of polar thinking right I love I love I really do I just enjoy it because.

00:10:43,47 –> 00:10:45,39
There’s nowhere along the line.

00:10:46,86 –> 00:10:51,78
That it ends right it’s kind of like a lover line an offense to a lot of these number lines and in school

00:10:52,60 –> 00:10:59,56
and if you if you look back at number lines and like they did they go on forever and each way there’s no

00:10:59,57 –> 00:11:08,88
and they’re beginning to just how good or bad something can be here how great or less create something can be.

00:11:12,05 –> 00:11:12,49
In a life

00:11:12,50 –> 00:11:21,54
and again because I think of a I think of this mega mind the movie most of you with children have seen this and.

00:11:22,82 –> 00:11:26,46
There’s the one liner where Megamind is talking to.

00:11:27,80 –> 00:11:34,63
Many And he goes you are right I was last Right I mean that’s really what it boils down to

00:11:34,64 –> 00:11:38,31
when you have an argument right about being about right or wrong

00:11:38,32 –> 00:11:47,72
and you were right I was less right as good that that’s a true statement. If you’re if someone is wrong or right.

00:11:49,91 –> 00:11:54,33
And then that’s another thing that Alan Watts hits on with with.

00:11:55,84 –> 00:11:59,89
You know being right or wrong you can’t you can’t know you’re Raul.

00:12:00,05 –> 00:12:08,36
Well you can’t know that you’re right unless somebody else is wrong period I mean it’s very I love it all I love I eat

00:12:08,37 –> 00:12:14,10
it raw gobble it up man I gobble it up by I think it’s a healthy snack speaking of food and polar thinking

00:12:14,11 –> 00:12:24,88
and just put it all together though it all in the pot on the way to go pick up some food for the week so those guys are

00:12:25,27 –> 00:12:33,27
that is ladies and gentlemen that is going to be the pie cats for the day

00:12:33,39 –> 00:12:36,41
and I’m trying something new that I haven’t done for a little bit.

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For the listeners of the pod cast if your father’s If you’re not in the fatherhood for the rest of us.

00:12:46,09 –> 00:12:47,24
Group on Facebook.

00:12:48,49 –> 00:12:49,47
Head on over there

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but I will do I will do this I will do this in three ways I suppose I will of the pack I asked I will send the PA cast

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over to my. Secret spot of of. What is it do.

00:13:09,53 –> 00:13:16,85
You know trance transcribes It’s called Voice bass it’s electronic transcription service it’s basically free

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and I love it and it also categorizes your your speech

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and in spaces it’s fantastic voice Space dot com I think I don’t get paid for that

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but it’s amazing I love it so I will transcribe my pockets of put it up on to fatherhood for the rest of us if you’d

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like to read it

00:13:36,87 –> 00:13:42,21
but I’m also going to put it a lot of people sometimes prefer to read I’m going to have a transcribed

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and I’ll put it up on the high cast

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and I’ll put it in the face book for the rest of a father for the rest of his group so head on over there if you

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haven’t gotten over to fatherhood for the rest of us the group. And it’s filmed up it is amazing that.

00:13:58,07 –> 00:14:06,96
The men that are joining the group. I’ve got to assume are already all you know awesome dads right bad ass that.

00:14:08,75 –> 00:14:17,83
Do standard. Taking fatherhood seriously and I don’t know how many dads are on and how many fathers are.

00:14:20,12 –> 00:14:20,97
I saw that there was

00:14:20,98 –> 00:14:28,04
and looks like there’s a new movie coming out that spoofing dads which I think in this group for the most part would

00:14:28,05 –> 00:14:38,31
just piss us off for his this is it’s. I think that I think that dad’s being the butt of jokes. And it kind of.

00:14:39,32 –> 00:14:43,58
I don’t know I don’t know if we should take it as a maybe a compliment because we can take it.

00:14:44,64 –> 00:14:49,47
That the ads or it was like listen enough with the radical We are asked every day

00:14:49,61 –> 00:14:58,33
and we you know we’re trying we are not necessarily trying in the Star Wars sense of the whole thing we’re not just

00:14:58,34 –> 00:14:59,76
trying we are you know we’re going.

00:15:00,96 –> 00:15:02,70
To be an amazing we are

00:15:03,55 –> 00:15:11,96
and there’s no shame in saying that I am putting forth like my entire effort into being the best man the best father

00:15:11,97 –> 00:15:17,61
that I can be and say that you’re doing an amazing job because you are.

00:15:18,74 –> 00:15:24,02
Slim So what’s next what succeeds that Wright was succeeds today with.

00:15:25,11 –> 00:15:30,58
You know what do you keep and I love the other thing to what he preserving right what do you preserving from today.

00:15:31,59 –> 00:15:38,26
Because. I think that success and becoming who you intend to become.

00:15:40,28 –> 00:15:45,06
Doesn’t mean that you’re one hundred percent different from who you are today tomorrow.

00:15:46,35 –> 00:15:50,69
Success will preserve part of who you are today.

00:15:53,01 –> 00:15:59,95
And again this I mean all ties in with the whole poll are thinking too like you know if you succeed something you also.

00:16:00,08 –> 00:16:01,03
Preserve something.

00:16:02,58 –> 00:16:11,04
You know you you’re bringing forth the most amazing parts of you today that you think are amazing today because you

00:16:11,05 –> 00:16:20,90
know you are amazing you’re a fantastic father you are sitting in there you are doing all that you believe you need to

00:16:20,91 –> 00:16:31,22
do. Today and then. You like tomorrow or throughout the day like here are some things that I think.

00:16:32,36 –> 00:16:36,91
Should contribute to my success as a father she is contribute to.

00:16:38,64 –> 00:16:42,37
My children’s success the success of my family

00:16:42,75 –> 00:16:50,80
but there are also items that need to be preserved there are also some amazing things that I am doing today that I will

00:16:50,81 –> 00:16:57,11
continue to do tomorrow like one of the mazing things that I do do is feed my family

00:16:57,43 –> 00:17:04,50
or my children one of the things I feel like being more successful at is having healthier options available

00:17:05,08 –> 00:17:07,95
and that will continue to trend in a different way

00:17:08,82 –> 00:17:18,01
but you know that is a long pole anyways guys fatherhood for the rest of us has some amazing men in it I truly I just

00:17:18,32 –> 00:17:21,42
I’m astounded by what it has become.

00:17:23,82 –> 00:17:28,79
I had one gentleman you know thank me for having the vision and not just a vision

00:17:28,80 –> 00:17:33,96
but the action to follow through with it and to that I just say thank you.

00:17:36,10 –> 00:17:45,75
And I think that’s the vision continues to unravel itself it continues to continue to grow so today whatever is

00:17:45,76 –> 00:17:52,71
successful in there. I hope I hope to preserve that tomorrow so gentlemen ladies.

00:17:53,92 –> 00:17:59,25
That is it for father for the rest of us if you want to reach out to me reach out to me at brand in G.

00:17:59,26 –> 00:17:59,71

00:17:59,72 –> 00:18:05,29
and father for the rest of us I love to hear from you if you’d like to be a part of that amazing father for the rest of

00:18:05,30 –> 00:18:10,81
his group send your so you know the answer a couple questions that really help help the group

00:18:11,23 –> 00:18:17,39
and help you as you enter the group and you know looking forward to see their take a guess.

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