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I am always pleased to be able to have an honest conversation about fatherhood and pretty much life in general. In this conversation with Sean we cover a few otherwise taboo topics (out of body experiences or something akin to it) and we chat a bit about Christianity and our personal perceptions. In addition Sean talks a bit about raising a teenage daughter and shares a couple of great books to read with us.

From Sean:
I’m a Christian (grew up Agnostic), born and raised in Houston Texas, husband (been divorced), father (blended family 3 kids), son is on autism spectrum, oldest daughter has an eating disorder, 6 years in the US Navy (92-98), 16 years in corporate America working in oil & gas in manufacturing, sales, business development & marketing, traveled to 29 countries including both personal, professional and mission trips, volunteered on every level in the non-profit industry from fundraising to being executive boards for the last 12 years, started my own company in 2016, Charity Corps, which is for profit but is a Social Enterprise which brings business, non-profits and consumers together for the benefit of each. Many, many life challenging events including caring for my mother-in-law for 4 plus years who has Alzhimers, addiction in my immediate family (drugs and alcohol with my Mom, Sister and Brother)

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