Ron Alford | Southwest Consulting



Partner/ Team Leader/ Sales & Leadership Coach for Southwestern Consulting
 Former Regional Sales Director for The Southwestern Company, recruiting, training,
mentoring and managing over 600 salespeople over 20 years
 Company Record Holder – Personally achieved the highest level of weekly sales 70+
times with Southwestern
 Six-time “Sales Manager of the Year” with Southwestern
 Leadership Record Holder – Coached and trained more top 1% producers than any
other manager in the 160-year- old Southwestern history. Personally coached and
trained 6 of the top 10 lifetime salespeople in the history of Southwestern
 #3 lifetime producer out of over 150,000 salespeople from Southwestern Company

 “UltraMarathon” enthusiast, recently completing his first 100 mile trail running race


Absolutely must read this blog post by Ron:



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