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Great conversation with Paul as he discusses how he became involved with Amazon FBA & quite a few actionable tips for you & your website!

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I started my working career in the military and served 20 years. That’s right, I am not a 21 year, native Internet connected, millennial! I actually know the sound of dial up! And have grey hair! I started my Journey online with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and was very proactive. To learn my trade I took every online course I course and I applied it to small niche site believe it or not….Dog clothes – the small cute, furry and fun costumes like these: 


For me it was all about ranking, I taught myself web design (this was pre shopify/wordpress days) I got the site to the top 10 in Google, then I have to understand marketing and getting people to do things! I took massive action learning full out by doing! It was progress, but also a challenging to win with Google and it was the marketing side I really enjoyed I than started working with some small local business owners to help them with their ranking. I really enjoyed this work.

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