Jeremy Todd | Positive Side

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Take a listen to this week's episode where we have Jeremy Todd, who is a father first, and is also a motivational coach!  Please check out his podcast called the Positive Side or his website jeremytodd.com. Jeremy talks to us about how he came to learn to trust in the business world.  What role faith…

Rudy Curatolo | Home Schooling | Faith | Servants Heart

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Welcome back all to fatherhood for the rest of us episode # 10.  This interview covers quite a bit of ground with NY raised Rudy Curatolo as we discuss what it's like to be a father, husband, and entrepreneur.  Rudy's father was a…

Interview Sam Crowley

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Sit back and enjoy as Brandon Handley interviews Sam Crowley from Everyday is Saturday fame. We will cover what it's like to be a father of four while being an entrepreneur, growing up without, faith in the family, purpose & peace & much much more!
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