Mark LaMaster | Friday Night Lights

Hey there fatherhood fam! I know you all had an amazing fathers day – just feel it in my heart =) – I had the extreme pleasure of being able to speak with Mark LaMaster recently who is the author of Friday Night Lights – a playbook for fathers and sons. This book covers quite a bit of material as it relates on some how too’s and guidelines on creating an intentional environment for you and your son that allows you to cover otherwise deep/serious thoughts in a fun lighthearted manner. Mark shares the background of this story as well as his mindset while creating this book as well as a number of great elements.

Mark has a few courses available for fathers to take a look at as well as a number of other resources. Please take a look at his website & give him a shout of thanks to Mark for taking time out to speak with us!

A personal thank you Mark – this book & conversation while a small moment in my life is having a ripple effect already therefore ergo changing the trajectory of my life!

Please also stop by Mark’s website as he offers quite a bit of comprehensive, actionable ideas on his site:

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