Mark LaMaster Friday Night Lights Fathers & Daughters

Hey all, I can’t tell you just how pleased I am to be able to share this conversation with celebrated Amazon Best Seller, Mark LaMaster!

Mark & I had a conversation last year regarding his first book, which I thought was a smash hit… well he upped the ante with his newest book:

Friday Night Lights for Fathers & Daughters!

About Mark:
I’m Mark LaMaster, and my mission through Uplifting Dads is to offer a place of encouragement and inspiration for men to become the father they’ve always dreamed of being. I believe that all dads have an incredible, God-given opportunity to make a lasting, positive impact on their children, their families, and their earthly homes.

Being a parent certainly has its challenges, but God never intended us to walk this path alone. So, I’ve developed a variety of resources to help you right where you are today. Together, we are building a community of like-minded dads who can uplift, encourage, and inspire one another as we share our journeys of fatherhood.

I was lucky enough to meet my best friend and wife over 20 years ago at Augustana College in Sioux Falls, South Dakota where we were both pursuing careers in nursing. We have since been blessed with two awesome kids – Hannah and Lincoln. Throughout my life, I have always been led to help others – whether it was as an emergency department nurse, a flight nurse, or a Nursing Education Specialist. But on my son’s 8th birthday, I realized I wasn’t being the dad that I dreamed I would be to my kids. I began researching anything I could about being a better father, but the resources were few and far between and I recognized the opportunity God has provided to me.

Since that day in 2015, I have dedicated my life to being the best father I can be and helping other dads become the fathers they always dreamed they would be!

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