Kazdin Method Day 4 of 5


Plan Downtime & Put Value On Quantity Time

Happy New Year Friend!

You may remember from such episode as Kazdin Method Day 1 (where you can find a number of details that relate to the great Dr. Kazdin, Yale professor who inspired this email campaign) and if you haven’t read that one yet, you may want to just head back over to it for some a little background…go ahead… I will wait…

Woot, welcome back!  Can you believe you made it another year?  Was there ever a doubt?  Did you nurture yourself the way you intended to?  Did you experience a **Super Miracle Grow** 2017?  I bet you did, take a moment and just think about the achievements, big, small… barely even noticeable… all of that added up to who you are today… I am proud of you and who you are today!

But really, I am excited for you 2018 is here and we are here together to face it… queue the hype music… the montage… flash forward… 2018 is going to be a year of continued compound growth… prepare yourself… that ground shudder is not an earthquake, that is you ROCKING it out!

To the Notes!

Plan Downtime Notes:

Carve out some special time to relax tight restrictions around the house.  In many homes, the child has the equivalent of a full-time job, with you as the loving but demanding boss.  Often you are like a director, end of the day print, that’s a wrap!  Only your movie is never over, and you can’t just throw away scenes that don’t work.
Allow for downtime for both you and your child.  Where you ask for nothing, expect nothing and you will not need to press your child to find out what was accomplished.
The research shows children who are allowed to play quietly by themselves are much less likely to be aggressive when they interact with other children.

Put Value On Quantity Time Notes:

Be around, be together and maintain family routines linked to regular household business, like meals and errands. This quantity time trumps the one-time outing type things.  Reading is one type of example that is better in small daily doses 10-15 minutes at a time versus an hour here or there.
One of the nice aspects of quantity time is that you don’t have to do anything special, just arrange to be around together, to be available to each other and interact normally.

It is my intent that you gain a new tool or two for yourself, and may even be compelled to check out the course or read this book in full as what I am going to review via the videos is simply the tip of the iceberg!



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