Kazdin Method Day 3 of 5


Encourage Social Interaction & Always Know Where Your Child Is

O.K.  You have made it to day 3… there must be something in here that is compelling YOU!

I am glad to see that you have returned, this time I will go ahead and give you the notes I used to generate the video, which you may find helpful… IE… you don’t have time to watch the video (don’t want too)… you don’t have time to click on the podcast link… I get that, sometimes you simply want the email to be a freaking email… I hear that… Jeez and I think this one will hit on News Eve!  Holy smokes… let’s straddle the year with some parenting wisdom!

Encourage Social Interaction Notes:

Be available/resist the urge to referee.  Social interaction is a competency that deserves its own time.  Developing friendships and learning how to interact under your guidance and beyond it.

Always Know Where Your Child Is Notes:

When done since the beginning, it will not seem sudden and seen as a brand new restraint that is likely to be resisted.
Children who are not monitored are likely to bond with and connect with peers who are not monitored themselves.  The more unsupervised, the more likely the tendency towards deviant behavior.

It is my intent that you gain a new tool or two for yourself, and may even be compelled to check out the course or read this book in full as what I am going to review via the videos is simply the tip of the iceberg!



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