Jon Vroman | Living as a Father in the Front Row

Greetings Fatherhood listeners! This is a great episode with an amazing man who is living his life by design.

Mini Bio for Jon:

Jon Vroman inspires others to Live Life In The Front Row™ by teaching the art of moment making. He is an award-winning speaker, #1 bestselling author of The Front Row Factor, podcast host and founder of Front Row Foundation, a charity creating front row experiences for individuals who brave life-threatening illnesses.

Personal takeaways:
First of all go grab his book (affiliate link used helps foot the bills!)

If you listened to this podcast you heard someone who is passionate about the life that he is leading and if you read his book you will see that he is sincere in stating that he wants to be your fan. While we hop around a bit on his book we talk a good bit about fatherhood/parenting. Below are where you can find a couple of the clips that struck a chord with me and they may with you as well.
In addition please check out the donations site and note that I have set up a donation for the Front Row Foundation. In addition I have set up one shirt so far on the shop and intend to add others with a #Frontrow printed on it. 20% of the profits of those shirts sold will be donated to the Front Row Foundation. This was done for two reasons:
1. A way to thank Jon for taking the time to share his message with us on this show.
2. A way to raise awareness of the work that he is doing with others.

00:10:15 Some great mentors and some new communities I really found potential in myself and belief in myself
00:11:02 Tony Robbins C.D.’s /Investing in yourself
00:12:30 Stepping up
00:15:04 laziness
00:14:25 Salt Shaker leading to intential living
00:17:52 Power of asking incredible questions
00:20:16 Dinner with family & Journaling
00:29:26 Sunday Service with Jon & Family
00:30:21 Receiving Gifts/Gifting
00:32:14 Why does Jon have extra food in his car?!
00:35:05 Front Row Dad’s Retreat
00:36:38 Jon poses a question to our listening community
00:41:05 What does fatherhood mean to Jon?
00:46:30 Front Row Dad’s Retreat
00:51:49 Education

Mwaahh there is so much in this one, just listen to the whole thing, you will not regret it.

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