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A while back I had posted a green screen fb live which talked about child abuse.  The article and information had been presented by a friend of mine who was incarcerated due to the fact that he stuck his wife in the middle of a mediation meeting.  This had been the one and only time during their relationship that he had struck out.   He realizes the severity of his actions and blames no one but himself.  He acted though in my mind the way anyone who had been abused severely as a child may, who wanted nothing more than to create a family that was not broken and distraught and filled with violence itself.  He lost control for one moment, fell back into a place he had tried to run from his entire adult life.  While nothing condones his behavior or actions, I can personally believe 100% that none of it turns out this way had he not been abused as a child.  At any rate, he is serving his time.  He has been in for four years now and will with any luck be on parole shortly.  The following four episodes will be the ongoing conversation he and I had this past Sunday.

If there is anyone out there who has been through a violent childhood I am certain you will understand.

If there is anyone out there who has been through violence as a child, abused as a child and has not broken the cycle – you still have time.

If you have broken the cycle, please speak out about ways that you have and perhaps it will help others.

If there is anyone throughout the course of this podcast that wants to reach out to Jon, please email me and I will print the letter out and mail it on.

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