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I am pleased to present this wonderful conversation with a true gentleman, Jim Akers!
Jim is the founder of ImpACTful Notes. Jim earned his M.B.A. from Pepperdine University, was named V.P. of Sales for a $500MM distribution
company at the age of 29, and was a Group Vice President at International Paper.

Jim is the author of How to Win the Achievement Game and 14 Strategies for Breakthrough Performances.
Jim met his wife Kristi at Washington State University. They live in Southern California where they raised their sons Matthew and Andrew.

Jim earned his B.B.A. from Washington State University, an M.B.A. from Pepperdine
University and a graduate certificate from Stanford University. He has earned sales
leadership and performance awards with Northwestern Mutual Life, Owens-Corning
Fiberglas, Kirk Paper Company, International Paper and xpedx.
Jim was named Vice President of Sales for Kirk Paper Company at the age of 29. Jim
lead sales growth from $350MM to $500MM leading to this privately held company to
be acquired by International Paper/xpedx in 1994.
Jim finished his corporate career off in 2013. As Group Vice President at xpedx Jim
lead a $1BB distribution business with 21 locations in the Western U.S. and serving
customers around the globe with packaging, custom packaging design, facility
supplies, and printing papers. If you have touched an iPad or iPhone you touched
work Jim’s team pioneered.
Jim founded ImpACTful Notes in 2013. ImpACTful Notes is a web based service that
delivers a unique text message to your smart phone five days a week. Each note is
crafted to encourage, inspire, and motivate recipients to live with passion in everything
they do.

Website: jimdakers.com
Website: impactfulnotes.com
Twitter: jimakers1
Facebook: impactfulnotes

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