Fatherhood for the Rest of Us & Heroic Fatherhood Convo

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Launch of fatherhood amazement with Charlie King

36 thoughts on “Fatherhood for the Rest of Us & Heroic Fatherhood Convo

  1. Being authentic for me means to stop all of the people pleasing and getting real about what I’m seeing. ‘Lean into’ the uncomfortable awkward conversations.. especially if I actually care about the person.

  2. Working at my office job. People dont’ understand why I love my office job so much. The reality is that if I’m going to be here, I’m going to CHOOSE to bring the best of myself to it. And you know what? People love me for it!

    1. Charlie King Might as well! If I’ve got to be there anyway.. I had someone actually tell me once they didn’t trust me because I was so happy all the time… he said, you know.. I was wrong.. that’s just really who you are πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ LOVED THAT!

  3. Haha.. thanks. That’s true… but I try to do this most places. Another example… grocery shopping. I used to have a very poor attitude about it. But I’ve shifted to ‘choosing’ and bringing the best of myself, and now grocery shopping actually turns into an entertaining experience!

  4. Yes.. and somedays… I’m overwhelmed with grief or sadness.. where I just need to be in that. I dont’ stay there forever.. but I think there’s value in letting that be without analyzing it.

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