Dustin Hartzler | Happiness Engineer | Your Website Engineer

I had the opportunity to meet up with Dustin in person this past year at the Podcast Movement in Philadelphia… and its events like this that when you actually get to meet in person you can create a genuine connection.  I am glad that we had the chance to meet and that we were able to follow it up with this conversation on fatherhood!



Dustin Hartzler is a Happiness Engineer at [Automattic](https://automattic.com) by day, where he helps business owners work all of the kinks out of their WooCommerce stores. If working with WordPress all day wasn’t enough, he spends time each week recording his WordPress podcast call [Your Website Engineer](http://YourWebsiteEngineer.com). He enjoys helping people understand and use WordPress to it’s fullest capacity and spends time tinkering with code.  When he’s not in front of the computer (which is rare), he enjoys spending time CrossFitting, reading and traveling. He lives in Dayton, OH with his wife, 4 year old daughter, and 18 month old son.



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