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Great conversation while catching up with father of 8 Donnie Tuttle as we discuss his latest and greatest endeavor The Purpose Driven Executive.

From Donnies about page:


Hi, I’m Donnie. You’re here because I am a co-founder of Purpose Driven Executive. You can’t understand Purpose Driven Executive without knowing a little about me.

I am a man of Christian faith, husband of one wife for 25 years, and father of 8 children. I believe strongly that we were all made for a purpose, and it’s our job to find it, and pursue it until it is reality. I have coached, consulted, and trained countless executives, I found that-contrary to popular thought-it is not always true that the harder one works the more success they would have. I believe that when we function in our gifts and talents, according to our unique “DNA”, that work is easier, more enjoyable, and more effective.

Life is not meant to be lived as one being chased. It is a purposeful journey.

Personally, we decided to sell everything and travel the world as a family.  We travel the world, as a family encouraging others to find and live for their purpose.

My one purpose in life is to help others to find out why they are here, and then equip them and hold them accountable to growth in that direction. To call out greatness in the process, and to help others walk in complete joy as they unleash the magic that is in them alone.

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