Cardiff D. Hall | Tide Turners

I had the extreme pleasure to interview Cardiff on this episode.
While we cover a wide range of topics that are inside of
his book Tide Turners, we also discuss fatherhood,
encouragement of our children, as well as some of the challenges
faced by entrepreneurs turning the corner from their day to day
job to new ventures.

You are certain to enjoy this episode!

Be sure to let Cardiff know that you heard his story here
on Fatherhood for the Rest of Us, and be sure to thank him
for imparting this wonderful gift!

That’s right he has also included a link to his book
free of charge – that is a $10 value! Link to his free book can be
found here:
If you would like a paperback copy please head on
over to amazon an grab it here:

Outside of being an awesome father,
Cardiff D. Hall is an inspirational author, speaker and mentor
who has a burning passion for life. He helps individuals
transform their self being, so they can direct the course of their
life to reach and sustain achievement, and bring more joy and
fulfillment in their journey of life.
From his published book entitled “Tide Turners – The Practical
Guide to Help you Feel in Control, Experience More Joy, and
Sustain Achievement in Life,” to his online content, Cardiff offers
a sound foundation. His message is aimed at helping the goal
seekers and the individuals who feel they are drifting through
life, turn the tide.

Cardiff can be contacted through phone, email or online at:
 (612) 594-2550
 Twitter (@cardiffdhall)
 LinkedIn

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