Bryce Prescott | Science of Getting Rich Series

Awesome conversation with Bryce Prescott who has studied and used the Science of Getting Rich and found great success in doing so.

From his BIO:

All of this started with a vision that I had. It came to my mind.. Clear as day.

In my vision, I walked into my office and sat down.

I looked around the room at the accolades on the wall, the furniture in front of me.

I looked at the timepiece on my wrist and the custom suit that draped my body.

Saw the car keys to the German car on the desk.

Then the picture became fuzzy.

The shift occurred. It was both literal and metaphorical.

I took my tie off. Removed my suit jacket.

And put on my Dodger cap.

And… That’s it.

Odd, right?

When I gave it some thought, I realized the meaning of my vision. In it’s simplest explanation, I knew that I need to share more who I am with the world. Not the concocted, polished version that had been shown in my business dealings;

but ME.


To Answer the question:

Who is Bryce Prescott really?

Frankly, I AM.

We are in a new age when it comes to business.Being a success is far more reaching and has far more layers to consider that ever before.

Because of this, I knew that it was my responsibility to be 100% transparent about myself.

My talents. My passions. My successes. My failures.

Left for you to draw your own conclusions.

You see, it’s really none of my business what you think of me. It’s only my business to be accountable for my message, my actions and my intentions.

What is my business is to answer the following questions:

1. Am I creating so much value through my authentic expressions that I live a life worth sharing?

2. Am I inviting those around me to join me in a way that makes their transformation inevitable?

And the follow up:

3. Do my day-to-day actions uphold my words or cause them to be questioned?

The answers to those questions are how I measure my success.

It’s the full picture of who I am, what I’m good at and why we should connect. So, I commit to being authentic in any project, post, podcast or expression that you find here at this site.

And so doing, I am providing you both my formal Bio as well as a post that I wrote that gives my side of the story.

Enjoy! -BP
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