Andrew Stegall | Musician | Husband Father

Andrew is a married father of 3. He also produces and writes his own music which is on all streaming networks. Heis currently preparing for school while trying to balance out everything else he has going on.

Take a listen to this conversation!


Waking up and being able to spend some time with the family.

Currently in school for IT Work, networking.

Finds his muse at the night time, his music time is his music time.

Started writing his music around 17 – 18.

Speaks to the life of a musician.

Showing everyone what you are capable of doing.

Everyday life inspires his music.

How does he capture the moments?

How does it feel to create?

How does he take criticism?

Purpose of Fatherhood? He has an answer for that as well!

Great conversation that had me flipping some of my own ideas upside down and inside out!

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