Alexia Leachman

Tune into this conversation – it is one you will not want to miss… find out about a little-known fact about women who are giving birth… one of those facts is that there are a number of women who are terrified!

Maybe you and your spouse have gone through this yourselves… know that you are not alone!  

Also, know this; there is help!  This is a podcast that touches on something so relevant to both parents.

Alexia overcame her extreme fears to have two fear-free home births and she now helps women to overcome their fears so that they approach their birth with confidence. Alexia has helped thousands of women worldwide to shed the fear and claim their positive birth experience through her private sessions, her online programmes and products, and of course her podcast. She is the author of Fearless Birthing and her new book, Clear My Head Trash is out in March 2018. Alexia appears regularly in the press, TV, radio and online including the BBC, SKY and ABC and has been featured in Huff Post, Mail Online, Psychologies, Red, Easy Living and Mother & Baby magazines.

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