Charlie King | Heroic Fatherhood | The Dad in Your Corner

Another minisode in the Dad 2.018 installment found me chatting with Charlie King of Heroic Fatherhood.  Charlie is a heck of a coach who has been ‘in the game’ of fatherhood coaching for a while now.  Listen in and you […]

Alex Benson | 7 Mile Man | Dadvocate

About today’s guest Alex Benson: My name is Alex Benson, I grew up in Vermont in what I would say is a pretty “normal” life. My parents were married and still are, I went to school, got good grades, had […]

Joe Saladino | Unofficial Photographer Dad 2.0

Joe took some amazing photos while we were at Dad 2.0 – hence he has been dubbed the “unofficla photographer” of Dad 2.0 – take a listen in as Joe barely had any voice left to chat with us, but we […]

John Francis | Johnny Franchise | Fathers Eve

If you don’t know this already, the creator of has quite the history in franchising… we talk about how the work he does is more about relationships than anything else among of course, how Fathers Eve began, where it is […]

Whit Honea | Dad 2.0 Community Manager

Picking the minisodes back up – this time I speak with the Dad 2.0 Community Manager Whit Honea! Whit Honea is author of The Parents’ Phrase Book, co-founder of Dads 4 Change, social media manager for the Dad 2.0 Summit, and a regular […]

Paul Easton | Amazon FBA Entrepreneur | Father

Great conversation with Paul as he discusses how he became involved with Amazon FBA & quite a few actionable tips for you & your website! About Paul (from I started my working career in the military and served 20 years. […]

Jason Kravits | Role Reversal | Minisode

In any setting with any event roles can be reversed in an instant… that was just the case here… Jason Kravits who does a number of the “official interviews” for Dad 2.0 took a little time to chat with me […]

Brandon Tijerina | Tyro Support Services | Minisode

Not gonna lie, it is always fun when you can speak with someone who has the first name as you! There is probably a psychological issue there… let’s not dig too deep into that! We had an enjoyable conversation and […]

Mark LaMaster | Friday Night Fatherhood | Minisode

Finally got to meet this guy in person! I had a blast speaking with him and am looking forward to watching his growth… he is perhaps one of the most humble, thoughtful, kind gentlemen that I have met in quite […]