Jason Mackenzie | Fathers Day 2017

Happy fathers day all! This is an amazing episode with an honest soul. Jason & I cover a number of topics as it relates to being vulnerable, sharing with our children in the realm of drug abuse, alcohol and more. […]

Rad Dad Box Fathers Day Special

Fun one here for you all! First of many on this episode: First female guest First couple First product This was a lot of fun to do, first of all this is also a rad product with a special beginning. […]

Mike Merriam | Closer than you Think | Plus

Hey there guys I had the honor and privilege to have a conversation with Mike Merriam recently, he has recently written a book titled Closer than you Think which has recently been an Amazon best seller (link at end). In […]

Matt | Memorial Day Week

Welcome back to our humble show! Thanks for tuning in =) – I want to say thank you to my brother in-law doing this episode, in my eyes he is a true hero. He has been in service to our […]