My friend Toni-Lee of made a post a few days back RE the Love Vibration.

This got me to thinking… what if…

What if we set a love vibration tone to some affirmations…
This would be cool!

The love vibration is one tone though… and to be honest… I love the thought of the love vibration… but alone well… it leaves something to be desired…

Who says something like that?

I guess the authentic self does.

With all of the self-dev over the past couple years, I was able to recall that the sound of nature helps you to retain information better…

This is good… let’s blend those two!

Now… I had asked for some affirmations from others to make them specific to the requester…

I didn’t see any come through…

I also assumed that no one wanted my personal affirmations… hell… gonna be honest… I was kinda over the set of affirmations that I had for myself, not only did I feel that they were created for the person that I no longer was… they were affirmations…

Sinking in… along with the journey I had come across afFORMations – have you heard of these?

If not they tend to work on a different level – think of it this way…

You want to know how you’re going to accomplish becoming the coach you intend to become.

Affirmations look something like:

I am an amazing coach and I am helping my clients become the best versions of themselves.

Afformations look like:

How is it that I am an amazing coach who is helping my clients to become the best version of themselves?

Best way I can translate the difference:

When you make that statement of I am, it is cool, it works… there is something of a singularity to it and you are alone in that statement.

When you ask the question you are throwing it out into the Universe and the answers will present themselves (similar to prayers?) – you are not at this alone – you are a 1 in 4 trillion chance miracle – everything that has happened to you up to now is by design – the Universe wants for you just as much as you are willing to ask of it…(personal take)

At any rate – I threw in several afformations that will apply to many )(they are subliminalish – right under the tones of the rain & the love Frequency) – I will include some links for you to reference if you want to dig deeper!

Thank you Toni-Lee for the inspiration!

Not only do we get this cool (I think its actually awesome and will now use it daily!)

But, I was also able to take a lot of what I have learned over the past year or two and create something new & I hope of value to you!



Love Tone (Others here as well):

More detail about rain and brain: #3…/6-scientifically-proven-songs…

And finally some info about why afformations work:

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