A Categorically¬†Different Life with Brandon Handley –

Shatter everything you previously thought was true and step into the you that you dreamt of being possible, but never believed could possibly believe was available for you.

If you are sitting around wondering what it is that is tugging on your mind… the mental pull to be anywhere but here, even though here seems like it will do… then you are feeling the nudge from yourself… your inner self, your soul, your inner spirit, your god within, the giant within, all of that… the hero that you are is stirring… if you are feeling like everything in your life has been a blur and you haven’t been the one playing an active role in what has happened up to this point… you are returning… returning to what?

Returning to yourself, if the skin you have been wearing seems to be all out of sorts, not quite what you recall it to be and you are ready to take ownership of this life of yours because you finally realize, this life is YOURS and you want to make some changes right about now and have not got a clue as to what the f*ck is happening… but you are up for the ride… because you now understand… the choices are yours to make… are you going to choose to live life on your terms?

They can be intentional, they can be filled with purpose, they can have meaning… and I dare say that you can create a living legacy, you can have a heroes¬†story… there is a darkness that has shrouded your abilities, your secrets, your strengths… all you need to overcome that darkness is the weakest spark, the tiniest speck of your light to shine through, and once you recognize that light to be yours and you recognize it to be true, you only need to begin to make the minor adjustments to tweak the brilliance, to pierce all of the darkness and illuminate…

Over the past couple of years this has been my own story… stepping out of the shadows of my own limitations, my own believes, stepping into fears, leaning into discomfort only to find that those fears, those limitations dissolve as easily as shadows as the morning sun rises… on the brink every day the darkness holds so many of us in its grasp, and it only takes a moment to realize we control the darkness and the light, we make that choice of whether or not we want to hide in the shadows to afraid of the light and what others may see…

Take the first step into your new day, take a deep breath in a life filled with purpose, a life filled with meaning… begin by filling out the form below… we are not going to have a chat… we are going to have a session… no matter what happens filling out that form means that you recognize you are leaving a life that is no longer serving you and taking hold of the tail of a dragon for that is a life worth living.