What do you wonder?

I wonder things like:

Do you tell your children they can be or do anything they want to do with their lives?

Do you ask them to work hard and steer them into the best possible direction, confidently, biased by what you know of their capabilities of them…with great concentration, great focus and attention to detail…?

I wonder if you ever saw:

“Nothing has a stronger influence psychologically on their environment and especially on their children than the unlived life of the parent.”

I know what it is like to see a parent chase a dream. I know what it is like to witness someone fall short of the dream and I know how it feels to be told that I a can achieve this dream by so many… who have not dared to dream themselves?

Do you know what it feels like to feel defeated to believe that something is always just outside of your reach…. That everyone else can do it… but not you?

Is that serving you?

Is your song, your dream, your passion, fire, purpose, destiny being held back by a belief…?

What is a belief? A thought you hold dearly, like an anchor tied to a plane, a rocket ship on the launch pad without any fuel… a listless look into a starlit night wondering what if…

What if you had an idea….
What if you shared the idea…
What if someone believed in your idea….
What if you took action….
What if you let go of the belief of not you….
What would that feel like?

What do you think your children would feel like?

What exactly would they be witness to?

Most people will tell you that in any given book they will find one nugget…
One 30 minute conversation can point you to your mine… if you still believe that anyone can live out their dreams… if you are staring at your dream through the thinnest pane of glass wondering how to rid yourself of the pain of not knowing what it’s like to live your dream…

Let us have that conversation… brandon@fatherhoodfortherestofus.com


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