Sun Room or Science Lab

I figured I would finally get around to posting a bit about the STEM club from Amazon.

If you are not familiar here are the details:

STEM toys for 3-4 year olds are handpicked by Amazon’s toy experts to introduce simple concepts related to counting, building, and cause and effect. An early introduction to STEM can help build the foundation for more complex concepts as kids enter preschool.

STEM toys for 5-7 year olds are handpicked by Amazon’s toy experts to excite young learners with hands-on experiments and explorations of electricity, earth science, and simple math. Kids gain exposure to STEM topics through creating their own dinosaur fossils and other cool projects.

STEM toys for 8-13 year olds are handpicked by Amazon’s toy experts to engage budding scientists and engineers with more complex projects and experiments based on principals of physics, chemistry and engineering. Some projects contain instructional booklets and may require an adult.

These toys can be purchased at a discounted rate (typically $19.99 or so), and can be put on a subscription – once a month, once every 2 months or once every 3 months.

I get that most of these can be put together yourself and or you can figure out a science experiment on your own, without Amazons help thank you very much… however, take into account the amount of time it is going to take you to figure these out on your own (lets just use a pretend scenario below):

Mom/Dad – I sure am bored and wish there was something fun to do…(repeat this 3-6 times)… you break down… and decide that you can’t stand to watch them play another video game, its crappy outside, so they can’t get out there and play… even if you did that they would come in wet and muddy… and who wants to deal with that mess…. so you head to the internet and google: Fun Learning Shit For My Kids (STEM)…. I already did that for you! (Saved you 30 seconds or so)

Scroll through endless ideas…. most of them contain rubber bands, glue, stapler, balloons and something you just don’t have… you get frustrated, you become irate… you have another cup of coffee (it’s 3.30 in the afternoon)… and you wonder what happened to your life… how did it come down to not having food coloring to ruining your day?  It wasn’t supposed to be like this. If I am being honest, most of us are going to have great difficulty from even getting out of the Pinterest search loop and actually taking any action whatsoever…


The good news is that it doesn’t have to be… if you get them delivered once a month, it doesn’t mean that you have to use it right away… create a little stockpile and when you have the time and the weather is crappy or you just feel like exceeding the bare minimum of parenting effort, you have a science experiment at your disposal.

Here are the last couple that we have done:

STEM Botany Kit
  • Learn about plants and seeds by conducting experiments in a specially designed botanical laboratory with greenhouse domes
  • Construct an automatic watering system to keep your plants from getting too thirsty
  • Grow beans, cress, and zinnia flowers, and learn how each plant has different needs
  • Experiment with plant cells and capillary action
  • Learn how roots work to transport water and nutrients throughout a plant

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Mega Crystal Growing Lab
  • GROW CRYSTALS IN 8 COLORS – Blue, pink, red, purple, green, orange, yellow, and teal; Chemistry has never been so fun and colorful!
  • GROWING IS EASY – Easy-to-follow instructions and 4 silicone growing chambers make growing and saving your crystals easy
  • NIGHT LIGHT DISPLAY – Show off your 5 favorite home-grown crystals on the included light-up display
  • START A ROCK COLLECTION – Includes 5 real gemstone specimens and a STEM learning guide teaching all about crystal formation

These are all being done inside the sunroom for now at our home, the reason for the title, Sunroom or Lab.

Again if you join up in the STEM subscription service you can grab these things for $19.99 each, versus their usual price of $39.99.  You will love it because you already have a ton of things on your plate, and to have a cool STEM toy experiment show up when you’re already frazzled and the last thing you feel like thinking about is WTF are you going to give your children to do that is both educational and fun… at less than the cost of a decent bottle of wine, vodka or case of beer, thats your STEM toy, not theirs!

If you are aware of some other cool subscription services, please let us know!



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