Mike Cruse | Papa Does Preach Interview

Fun conversation with Mike Cruse of Papa Does Preach | Dad AF podcast


Father of 2 (son 6 and daughter 18mo), just taking it day by day; mostly making it up as I go along. Oh, I write stuff on the internet too.

Connect with Mike:

facebook.com/papadoespreach, facebook.com/dadafpodcast, Dad AF Podcast on iTunes, instagram.com/papapreaches and instagram.com/dadafpodcast

If you have been looking for a group of like minded fathers who are willing to support you as you
would support them to chase their dreams, share their challenges, and intermix your wisdom with theirs than be sure to join the closed facebook group:

Get it all, enjoy it, make it yours, and if you continue to enjoy it, be sure to share it!


Looking for an in-depth conversation about the ideal you & fatherhood?
Pick a time from this link and let’s get down to it!

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