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Michael Allwright is a leadership and life coach for men in midlife. He is passionate about helping men get clarity about their life purpose and mission in order to create and live the life of their dreams. Michael weaves his leadership and teaching experience as an Alaska wilderness guide, a TEFL teacher in a Tibetan monastery, and leader of multi-million-dollar projects into his facilitation and coaching practice. He is a certified life coach (CTI) with training in relationship dynamics (Gottman Educator) and systems and team coaching (ORSC). Michael brings a unique blend of adventure, mysticism, and pragmatism to help men uncover their internal and external roadblocks to discover and claim a meaning-filled midlife. You can find out more about his work at www.midlifeandthriving.com or join the ongoing conversations on midlife in his Facebook group Midlife and Thriving.

Michael and I cover all kinds of topics, several of which are cited below:

Music as a foreign language.

Transitioning to coaching.

High suicide rate among men.

Living somebody else’s script.

Midlife crisis & stats 10-25% of men experience one.

Initiating rites of passage.

Creating a program for transition from boyhood to manhood.

Generational isolation.

The John Wayne scale of manhood.

Styepping up to the challenge of present parenthood.

Fatherhood hacks and much much more.

Books we discussed:


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