Katie Maggio | Mompreneur | Level 10 Life

I had the pleasure to speak with Katie Maggio, a Mompreneur also living in New England with my husband
and two children.

Her audience loves the Level 10 message because it’s simple to follow and powerful when implemented in their everyday lives.

She helps people raise their game in the area of relationships, careers, wellness, and finances, regardless of where they currently find themselves. To get them to a Level 10 Life.

Katie & I cover :

Getting ahead of it instead of chasing it.
How having a routine is comfortable.
Having a clutter-free mindset.
Getting rid of victim mentality.
Talk about clients who just aren’t ready for coaching.
Emotional IQ
How to learn something from everyone you meet.
Setting up an intentional environment.
**You can not unring a bell**
Paying it forward
A necessity for two role models.

Books discussed:
Stick With It

You Are a Badass

7 Habits Of Effective People
Take the Stairs

Instagram : @thekatiemaggio , facebook.com/level10life

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