Jason Kestler | CEO Kestler Financial

Hope you are ready for another amazing episode of Fatherhood for the Rest of Us!

This interview with current CEO of Kestler Financial, Jason Kestler, walks us through whats hot in his area of the financial industry.

We discuss items like owning a business and being a father.

Reconnecting with his father, and learning new skills.

Using experience as the educator.

Having a workforce that is like a family and maintaining that culture.

And as always we dig into fatherhood =)

Please reach out to Jason and say thank you for taking the time to share his story with all of us here at Fatherhood for the Rest of Us!


Jason Kestler is a highly successful entrepreneur and financial services executive with over 23 years of success within marketing and numerous verticals of the financial services. He has proven his thought leader status within the industry and is widely recognized for his ability to innovate stale processes and procedures to increase efficiency, amplify company strengths, create market distinction, and increase revenue. He has a unique but effective management style that incentivizes success through accountability, which has enabled him to recruit and retain top talent within the industry. He specializes in sales, small business development, wealth management, fixed annuities, retirement planning, insurance, strategic planning, organizational development, advertising, lobbying, SEC/FINRA regulation, leadership, process engineering, and human resources.

Currently, Jason is the owner, and CEO of Kestler Financial Group (KFG), which was founded in 1988. He was responsible for every aspect of its development and operations, including sales, marketing, advertising, HR, and legal compliance and representation with 50 state insurance commissioners, the SEC, FINRA and the Department of Labor. Under his leadership, the company has grown from a handful of advisors to more than 5,000 across all 50 states.

Between 2013 and 2015, KFG reported an average revenue increase of 28%, with an 82% increase from 2014 to 2015. They have been featured in Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing privately held companies in the country, and KFG is the recipient of the National Conference for Database Marketing’s Database Excellence award for effective implementation of automated messaging to their advisors. Jason also oversees operations for Branch Development Partners, a securities firm and sister organization to KFG; he conceived this division and launched it to tap into the tightly regulated securities market.

Concurrent to his duties at Kestler Financial Group, Jason is a founding partner of the actuarial product design firms Market Synergy Group and The Annexus Group. The two companies develop and market proprietary investment products to organizations such as KFG and their competitors. Jason is also an avid angel investor who mentors young business owners within his community.

In addition to his executive career, Jason has a history of working with multiple Board of Directors for several organizations. As part of Vistage International, he participates in board meetings as a consultant for sales, compensation, negotiations, and employee acquisitions; he is the Founding Co-Chairman of the Insurance Marketers Advisory Council; he was the Secretary for the National Association of Fixed Annuities Board of Directors; and a member of the Alianz Life Insurance Company’s Field Advisory Board.

Over the course of his career, Jason has repeatedly proven himself to be a thought leader within the field of financial services. His company was one of the first to require product training for advisors and he regularly lobbied on Capitol Hill as part of National Association of Fixed Annuities (NAFA) to challenge the SEC on rulings that were damaging to the industry. Jason has been a speaker and panelist at IMAC and NAFA events and regularly develops and conducts training seminars for his advisors. He has appeared in multiple interviews with Inc. Magazine, Fortune Small Business, and Advertising Age and has appeared on the front cover of Direct Marketing Magazine.

He is a graduate of the Vistage International CEO Coaching & Leadership Development Program and the Covenant Group Executive Coaching & Study Group. He is an ASLAN Certified Sales Trainer, Certified Personality Assessment Analyst, and fully licensed in all fifty states for insurance sales.





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