Tanktop Trio #2

October 29, 2017

Phils words:

Myself, Brandon Handley and Dave Gieselman are going to go live on Thursday, 2PM PST/6PM EST time (11PM GMT).

We’re going to talk about man stuff, rut busting, gut busting, self-improvement (who likes that phrase anymore?!) and so much more…
…join us for a LiveCast – and throw any talking points you’d like to hear about in the comments below!
Who are we?
Brandon runs the website, podcast and Facebook page ‘Fatherhood for the rest of us’. He is a published author. He is an absolute authority on dad stuff and life in general.
Dave is a transformational life coach, he’s helped change the lives of many men and women. If you’re life is stuck in the mud, Dave is the guy for you. Dave brings so much energy to the conversation that you might mistake him for a supernova.
Phil is a writer and author, and occasional speaker. He has a book published in the area of personal finance and is currently finishing up his second book about transforming your life. Phil is the guy with the British accent.

If you have been looking for a group of like minded fathers who are willing to support you as you would support them to chase their dreams, share their challenges, and intermix your wisdom with theirs than be sure to join the closed facebook group:

Get it all, enjoy it, make it yours, and if you continue to enjoy it, be sure to share it!


Feel free to donate to the show – every dollar earned goes directly to the feed the Handley Boys Foundation!

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