Kazdin Method Day 5 of 5 | Develop Rituals and Routines, Connect The Child to Other Family Members & Take Care of Yourself

January 02, 2018


Develop Rituals and Routines, Connect The Child to Other Family Members & Take Care of Yourself

Hello <<First Name>>, can you believe it?!  2018!!
If you have been hanging out in FB & you have been tracking my every move…  or… simply caught the NYE FB live (click here if you missed it)… you would have caught how this new year is simply a continuation of the last… if you poured into yourself… if you made huge strides… if you took tiny steps that are leading you to the person you intend to be… take some pictures… take some moments to capture the journey… you don’t want to miss the process of you, creating you!

I am excited for you, all that you have done and are doing, and I hope that this email, our connection is a supporting spoke in your wheel of life!  I am looking forward to continuing 2018 right where 2017 moved along from… on an upward slope, one step at a time, and taking time to turn around and survey the vista to take it all in from time to time!

Moving on – our final Kazdin email on this book (I have another book of his, no idea what that one will compel me to do!!!)

Develop Rituals & Routines With Your Child Notes:

Aim for regularity and frequency, but don’t make it so rigid that the routine becomes an additional source of pressure.

Build a reservoir of predictable experiences which will become the basis of good memories.  View this as similar to small deposits that overtime accrues interest, compound interest, building on what has been built.

Connect the Child to Other Family Members Notes:

Including those of different generations, this allows for children to learn from other adults who aren’t their parents.  It is worth trying to get together for the holidays.  Evidence points to a connection with other relatives to have a reduced risk of disruptive behaviors.  If not able to do extended family (or you ar ea single parent, seek a community connection, church or otherwise *Fatherhood for the Rest of Us FB Group*) .  Parents without Partners is a resource the book recommends for single parents.

Take Care of Yourself Notes:

It is easy to forget yourself, to forget taking care of yourself – along with taking care of your children you need to maintain your mental and physical along with everything else.  You are in for the long haul, you need to be in shape for it.  Research proves this out.  If you invest a little energy in yourself it will pay off for your family.

That is it for the 12 conclusions – The final notes on the book:

After going through this and finalizing this you may want to “feel” empowered, as this can reduce anxiety.  However, there is a big difference between “feeling” empowered and actually being more effective and in control.

After going through this book and utilizing the tools in the manner presented you will have greater confidence, and it will NOT be an illusion.  What you find in this book is founded on science.

It is my intent that you gain a new tool or two for yourself, and may even be compelled to check out the course or read this book in full as what I am going to review via the videos is simply the tip of the iceberg!



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