Embracing Now | Brandon Handley

Hey there all, a quick one for you that I had to share right after my morning swim.  Essentially it goes to say how great I am feeling about some of the small changes that I have made over the past 8 months and how I am also doing that with Meg to raise our two boys.  I talk a bit about how it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows but we work through those moments.  There is also a little bit about taking true stock of where you are.  I did that this past weekend and it was as they say, mighty powerful. We have Jeremy Todd joining from the  podcast this Friday!  You are going to love his energy and you will gain an appreciation for Jeremy’s style of raising his children, I know that I did!  Catch us on FB live for more details this Wednesday 7.30 PM EST .. you will be in for a treat.  I will be wearing my “This is 40” uniform/outfit.. should be quite entertaining!  Find me on FB/Twitter/Instagram @BrandonGHandley & FB Group Fatherhood for the Rest of Us!

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