Coach Jesse Cole

January 08, 2018

Hey there fatherhood for the rest of us is pleased to present to you coach Jesse Cole the founder of the Kingdom Mogul.

Coach Jesse and I go over a number of different topics we go from sitting and having a pity party to viewing yourself in a positive light  We discuss what it’s like to transform lives, we discuss applying the Big Fish Method which coach Jesse came up with in a seminar where we both attended in Cincinnati this past year. We identify things that are going on in our lives and search for the teachable moments.

We cover how and why it is ok to shine your light.

We go over believing that you are a big deal, and how it’s really ok to feel that way.

Jesse answers questions like, “Why would someone neglect their own greatness?”

And many many other great questions and answers!  

You will get a ton out of this one all!  

Be sure to reach out to Coach Jesse and thank him for popping onto Fatherhood for the Rest of Us and sharing all of his insights!






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